A member of the Italian parliament has called for Bill Gates’ arrest and prosecution.

If we do a good job with new vaccinations, healthcare, and reproductive health, we can reduce the population by 10 to 15%.

An Italian parliamentarian, Sara Cunial, has made a contentious plea for Bill Gates’ imprisonment. Her address was recorded on video and shared on social media.

Cunial accused Bill Gates of genocide for being behind a plot to illegally reduce the world’s population and chastised the Italian government and MPs for their involvement in the matter.

MP Cunial is a fiery Roman mixed-group deputy and industrial chemistry graduate of the University of Padua. In 2018, she was elected to the Veneto Chamber of Deputies as a leader of the 5-Star Movement.

Cunial was stopped by Rome police in April while driving on Highway 8 for a coronavirus emergency and fined despite wearing a parliamentarian’s badge.

She defied the Conte government’s rules in the Chamber just a few days after her arrest.
She now has the courage to speak out against what many people already know.

Following Cunial’s passionate statement, the hashtag #ArrestBillGates trended on Twitter, and additional videos of Bill Gates discussing population reduction surfaced.

The Global Health Organization predicted a pandemic, which was first supported by “world savior” and philanthropist Bill Gates, and it was recreated last October as part of the Event 201 simulation. Cunial, a member of Parliament, stated that “he is committed to developing a depopulation strategy and exercising dictatorial control over the entire population in order to achieve dominance over agriculture, technology, and energy.”

‘If we do a good job with the new vaccinations, the healthcare system, and reproductive health, we can cut the population by 10 – 15%,’ he said.