Adam Schiff met with boos at Town hall

Boos were heard for Schiff in Town Hall.

Adam Schiff, a Democrat and the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, received some boos earlier today when some of his irate supporters confronted him at a town hall meeting and chanted, “Liar! Liar!”




“You should be in jail, You are a disgrace to the House of Representatives” was the cry of angry constituents chanting at the top of their voice. Most of them had banners and posters waving high up in the air to express their discontent with the House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff.

Additionally, when asked how she felt about attempting to overturn the 2016 election results of 63 million voters with a phony impeachment against President Donald Trump and why the radical left doesn’t trust the American people to make their own decision in less than a year during the upcoming November general elections in 2020, the Michigan congresswoman was confronted by her own enraged constituents.

Before the COVID-19 outbreak in America, these were prosperous times where jobs where secure, incomes were rising, houses became more valuable, spending was on an all time high and yet you’re been told by Trump haters that you must hate him also.

That you must defend civilization as we know it by overturning the last election just months before the next one. We the people do not want to remove from office the architect of our prosperity.

It is now obvious that the Democrat party will never change in their pursuit of hating President Trump and campaign in smearing him despite his success rate since he stepped into office as POTUS.