After Donald Trump ended his State of the Union address, Nancy Pelosi shredded her copy of it in two, saying, “I tore it up.”

Now that’s some serious shade.

Late Tuesday night, as President Trump was wrapping up his State of the Union address, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi got up, tapped her copy of the speech on the desk in front of her to line it up precisely, tore the papers in half, and set them back down.


She then arranged a further little stack before ripping.

Pelosi’s shift was seen on national television before the cameras turned away since she sat behind Trump for the entirety of the address.

Someone questioned her as she left the chamber, “Madame Speaker, what did you think of Trump’s address this evening?” I tore it up, she retorted.

Asked afterward in the halls of the Capitol why she did it, Pelosi responded: “It was the courteous thing to do.” She added: “It was the courteous thing to do considering the alternative.”

Earlier in the evening, Pelosi and Trump had an awkward moment. The top House Democrat had extended a hand to Trump, but the president appeared to snub her, and a handshake ultimately did not happen. Pelosi retreated her hand, and then gave an eyebrow raise and a look that appeared to say, “Well, OK then.”