Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez repeated bragging that she had given stimulus funds to multiple illegal immigrants, but the stimulus law only permits those who have a green card. If they had Social Security numbers, they might be able to collect the check by themselves.

On the other hand, it would be a felony if she was collecting stimulus cheques from people who did not have Social Security numbers. She would then be a participant in the tax evasion plot.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton took the same course. She requested a case study on a circumstance that she had faced while serving in the Senate and prevailed in. She talked about the protracted battle she had to fight to get money for hurricane victims.

Despite double checking the legislation and the voting outcomes, the law was passed 98 to 2 in favor. Hillary Clinton never put in too much effort to pass legislation.

She might have helped non-eligible immigrants obtain their benefits. It is quite unlikely that we would be able to collect much money from the individual who received the checks, thus she should be required to return the funds to the government if this is the case. The opportunity of filing criminal charges against the offenders should likewise be available.

“I fought tooth and nail to guarantee that illegal immigrants received government funds that many others were trying to keep them out of,” AOC responded.

The Democrats’ main goal is to help