BREAKING: President Trump calls for a 2020 election REDO

President Trump now demands a fresh election after the revelation that the FBI covered up the Hunter Biden laptop scandal to protect their reputations ahead of the 2020 election.

The observation is as follows:

In my opinion, there is no chance that one of these things will occur at this moment. No matter how much fraudulent activity is discovered, it is too late at this time, and there isn’t the desire to continue with this.

I can’t say that I blame him for wanting a do-over. Evidently, the FBI possessed the goods on Hunter Biden, but they chose not to act on them because they hoped that Trump would be reelected. And if they did interact with Facebook to censor the story, I do not doubt that they also did the same thing with Twitter, and we ALL know how that situation came out. They stopped the story and the New York Post for initially distributing the article, saying that it was “hacked materials,” although it was not the case.


In addition, the FBI spread the trash about ‘Russian misinformation,’ which was extended by every one of the garbage news organizations. They did everything there to prevent it from affecting Joe Biden.