BREAKING:Illegal immigrants storm Kamala Harris’s home!

As a result of President Trump, some members of the Republican Party are stepping up and playing hardball.

Parts of the United States are tired of having their sovereignty usurped by an ineffective and arrogant federal government after being overrun with over 2,000,000 migrants’ this year.

Jim Hoft, the creator of The Gateway Pundit, claims:

Because Border Czar Kamala Harris won’t go to the border, the border came to her instead!

More than 100 illegal immigrants arrived at Kamala Harris’s residence in Washington, DC, on two buses on Thursday morning.

The migrants were among over 2 million illegal immigrants who crossed the US open border this year!

Every day, 8,000 illegal immigrants enter the United States!

“The border is secure,” Kamala told reporters over the weekend.

These people just can’t stop lying

Governor Abbott of Texas confronted Kamala today!

As Maria Bartiromo pointed out in the video below, the government ends up paying for the food, healthcare, shelter, education, and travel of these two million invaders.

Both Democrats and Republicans support this.