The luckiest person who has ever lived is Paul Pelosi. He continues to gain millions of dollars in the stock market by betting on the legislation passed by Congress. You might remember that he invested in a VISA initial public offering (IPO) a few years ago. However, there was cause to assume that the House of Representatives would implement laws that would be detrimental to the value of the stock. But, by some miracle, the bill was not passed.

The bill was ultimately successful in passing, but fortunately for Mr. Pelosi, he had just sold his stock before the vote. What a remarkable stroke of good fortune. Recently, the lucky Mr. Pelosi invested in a firm known as Nvidia, a market-leading computer chip manufacturer.

It was a gamble, but when you’re as lucky as Mr. Pelosi, you may as well take a chance and toss caution to the wind.

The crucial element was Pelosi’s good fortune, and the timing of his purchase was right before a plan was introduced in Congress that would have given chip makers billions of dollars in government subsidies. Chip makers will also receive tax benefits in addition to these subsidies, which will increase their profits even further. According to my study, Richard Blum is the only other American individual who can equal your degree of luck.

According to a New York Post article:

According to recent financial filings, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband invested up to $5 million in stock options of a firm that makes computer chips ahead of the next week’s vote on legislation that would provide the chip manufacturing industry with billions of dollars in subsidies.

Paul Pelosi bought 20,000 shares of Nvidia, a well-known semiconductor business, on June 17, according to the Daily Caller, which cited disclosure documents provided by the House speaker. These shares are worth between $1 million and $5 million, according to estimates.

As reported by Reuters:

According to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, senators might vote on a package to strengthen the US semiconductor sector and increase the nation’s competitiveness with China as early as Tuesday. On Thursday, a person familiar with the situation disclosed this information.

The proposal would reportedly include, at the very least, billions of dollars in subsidies for the semiconductor sector as well as an investment tax credit to support the growth of American manufacturing.

The Speaker of the House opposing a rule preventing members of Congress from participating in stock market-related activities is another stroke of luck for Mr. Pelosi. or the spouses they married.