Charges against Mark Zuckerberg for tampering with the election and defending Hunter Biden

In a recent interview with Joe Rogan, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the business had concealed information about finding the embarrassing items on Hunter Biden’s laptop for 10 days prior to the November 2020 election on their social media platform. Here is the first chapter of the narrative. Facebook is encountering a lot of criticism now that their use of censoring has been made public.

According to Zuckerberg, the FBI allegedly requested that the social media network “shadow-ban” or hide the content from its users. He responded by explaining what happened.


Right before the election, political leaders affiliated with the GOP started to express their fury toward the FBI and Facebook, accusing both organizations of suppressing material that should have been readily available to the public. Should the Republicans gain back the majority in the House of Representatives in the next midterm elections, they have vowed to launch investigations into Mark Zuckerberg and the FBI.


Rep. Andrew Cylde accused the parties involved in this major act of censorship of tampering with the election and denounced them. He stated in a tweet


“Not only is this completely ridiculous, but it also constitutes an intervention in the election. Concerning the FBI’s efforts to avoid complying with the provisions of the First Amendment, the Oversight Committee should promptly invite Mark Zuckerberg to appear under oath. The citizens of the United States need explanations and accountability.



Senator Ted Cruz added his voice to the chorus of people venting their annoyance at Zuckerberg’s admission, labeling it “total corruption, plain and simple.”


Additionally, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson called for an investigation into this incident on Twitter, saying that “the more we learn, the more issues that arise.” To find the truth, hold individuals responsible, and restore the FBI and other government organizations to their prior levels of confidence and integrity, whistleblowers must come forward. We have to figure out where this corruption came from.


The senators maintained that this restriction was “unnecessary and was only done due of pressure from our Democratic colleagues, particularly Democratic leadership, to falsely portray our Biden probe as furthering Russian misinformation” in a letter they submitted to the FBI on Thursday. The FBI’s claim that the senators’ probe into Biden was “advancing Russian misinformation” was addressed in the letter.

The Democrats and the left media used the unneeded FBI briefing as a means of spreading the myth that their efforts had helped Russian misinformation, they continued. The misleading claim that our work helped disseminate Russian misinformation has been promoted by Democrats and leftist media.