Documents show that the suspect in the Paul Pelosi attack awoke him by standing over his bedside.

In the attack on Paul Pelosi, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, disturbing new information has come to light, including that the alleged attacker told police he was on a “suicide mission” and had a list of other notable targets.

According to court records made public on Tuesday, David DePape, the suspect in the assault, allegedly woke Paul Pelosi up by standing over his bedside and obstructing his exit while demanding to know the House speaker’s whereabouts.

“This was not a violent random act. This was not a random break-in at a house. District Attorney Brooke Jenkins of San Francisco said on Tuesday that this was a specific target.

According to the filing, DePape identified a number of targets, including well-known state and federal politicians and their relatives.

Jenkins earlier on Tuesday confirmed  that authorities believe DePape had additional “targets” in addition to the House speaker.

Court documents made public on Tuesday revealed disturbing new information about the encounter. According to CNN, DePape awoke a startled Paul Pelosi at his bedside shortly after 2 a.m., carrying a large hammer and several white zip ties.

“Are you Paul Pelosi?” According to the documents, DePape inquired. He then demanded, “Where is Nancy?” “Where is Nancy?” asked a groggy Paul Pelosi, who replied, “She’s not here.”

According to the documents, he then threatened to bind Paul Pelosi and prevent him from escaping via elevator. Paul Pelosi questioned DePape’s desire to see his wife.

“Well, she’s number two from the presidency, right?,” DePape said

According to the court documents, DePape allowed Pelosi to use the restroom at one point, and it was during this time that he was able to call 911 using his cell phone. During the brief call, Pelosi spoke cryptically to police and was able to subtly identify himself to the dispatcher, who was then able to escalate the call.

According to the documents, the two men went downstairs after the call, with DePape walking behind Pelosi and carrying the hammer and zip ties. Downstairs, DePape told Pelosi, “I can take you out,” noting that police were on their way. He then approached Pelosi while holding the hammer upright, prompting Pelosi to reach out and touch it.

According to the court documents, after Pelosi opened the door and greeted them, one of the officers turned on their flashlight and saw the two men holding opposite ends of the hammer. When an officer told them to drop the hammer, DePape grabbed it from Pelosi and “immediately stepped back and lunged at Mr Pelosi, striking Mr. Pelosi in the head with full force with the hammer, knocking him unconscious.”

“The officers stormed in, tackled (DePape), and disarmed him.” Mr. Pelosi was unresponsive for about three minutes before waking up in a pool of his own blood, according to the documents.