Dr. Fauci’s Indictment Petition Receives Over 27,000 Signatures

Over tens of thousands of people have already signed a petition calling for the indictment and dismissal of Anthony Fauci.

The petition letter to Republican leaders is as follows:

I earnestly ask that Dr. Anthony Fauci be charged with a crime and fired as soon as possible. I concur with the analysis provided by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai in a letter he sent to you on March 23, 2020, which reads as follows:

The short- and long-term devastation of our citizens’ immune systems as well as the economic health of our country will be caused by Dr. Anthony Fauci’s public “health” strategy, which may have been a conscious and planned purpose.

At best, Dr. Fauci’s policy is based on an antiquated, “one-size-fits-all,” non-individualized approach to medicine and public health from the 1950s; at worst, it comes from a “false science” understanding of the immune system that Dr. Fauci has perpetuated for more than 50 years and used to advance his career.




“Dr. Fauci has huge and serious conflicts of interest with Big Pharma, whose one and only goal is to compel vaccinations for all Americans, among other medical requirements. Big Pharma is struggling and in danger of going bankrupt. The only way to ensure Big Pharma’s future is through mandatory and forced vaccination programs.


“Under Dr. Fauci’s leadership, Americans have been guided toward corporate solutions that have produced policies that have resulted in the lowest lifespan rates and highest rates of infant mortality in the world,”

The Chinese Communist Party (CPC), Big Pharma, the Gates Foundation, the Clinton Global Initiative, Chan-Zuckerberg, the CDC, and the current situation, which is being driven by fearmongering and fake science, will benefit greatly politically and economically at the expense of the American working class, according to Dr. Fauci.

“It is time we focus on the Immune Health of the American people, which Big Pharma has zero interest in advancing. It is time we fire and indict Anthony Fauci to send a much-needed and long-awaited signal to his Big Pharma allies.”

Thank you.”

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Meanwhile Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren tore into Dr. Anthoy Fauci during Tuesday’s episode of “Final Thoughts,” after the White House chief health adviser criticized attendees of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally event in South Dakota while remaining silent on former President Obama’s maskless birthday bash.


“Apparently, it isn’t dangerous at social justice riots, the open southern border, pride parades, fancy restaurants patronized by Democrat governors, San Francisco salons patronized by Democrat congresswomen, music festivals in liberal cities run by Democrat mayors, wedding receptions attended by Democrat mayors, and, of course, wouldn’t dare spread at the ‘scaled-down’ birthday bash of former President Barack Obama and friends,” Lahren stated.