Exposed: White House “Inconsistency” about Biden’s Condition

Regarding President Joe Biden’s treatment following his COVID diagnosis, a Fox News reporter hypothesized that she had “inconsistently” captured the regime.


When she spoke with White House News Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Friday at a press briefing, Fox News White House Correspondent Jacqui Heinrich claimed that Jean-Pierre was acting irresponsibly regarding why the president was given Tylenol.


The White House has come under pressure from several journalists and even the correspondent to make Biden’s doctor, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, available to answer queries.


“But when we have concerns about, say, the progression of his symptoms. Last night, he had a temperature. Now that his cough used to be dry, it’s loose,” Heinrich said.


So he didn’t have a fever last night, I take it. Just to be clear, I believe Dr. Jha made that point extremely apparent last night. 99.4 is not a fever. Not even a mild fever will do. So, last night, he didn’t have a temperature. He handled it. Tylenol was given. And because Dr. Jha is the medical professional and is here with me today in the briefing room, I should let him speak more about this. Although many of you have had COVID, he offered the Tylenol for discomfort, which is typical when you have a cold. We contend that some of the persons in this room may have a temperature of 99.4 degrees Fahrenheit if we took their temperature.


The White House Covid coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha responded before the press secretary said, “That is not unusual, but I would let Dr Jha talk to that more.


“But permit me to mention the, Dr. O’Connor. As Karine said, you have therefore heard straight from him about the notes he takes each morning. We all have multiple conversations during the day, including him and Dr. Fauci. One of the finest authorities on infectious illnesses, Dr. Fauci serves as the president’s senior medical advisor. We communicate frequently. I’ve been using face time to interact and communicate with the president every day. And you receive updates roughly twice every day, correct? At this time yesterday, you received one. You received an update regarding how he was doing last night early this morning. At 6:40 in the morning, I appeared on TV.


I didn’t believe it was right for me to wake up the president at 6:20 and ask him how he was feeling. He would probably say that he would feel better if I hadn’t called in to have someone walk him, in my opinion. But certainly, he was seen this morning early, you know. He was assessed. Then we immediately released a statement regarding the president’s whereabouts overnight. I’m not here to enlighten you further on that. The idea is that we all work together as a team to provide you with information on an extremely frequent basis, he said.


At that moment, Heinrich accused them of being inconsistent.


When his letter stated that he was being treated with Tylenol for a 99.4-degree non-fever, he wrote, “So you’ve described. And now you’re telling us that he received treatment for discomfort. That’s a contradiction, she exclaimed.


I’ll have to look that stuff up, I guess. However, as I’ve been seeing patients for around 20 years, this is what I think and what I discussed with Dr. O’Connor, the president, and those of you who are familiar with the 100.4 program. We define a low-grade fever to be 100.4. What we consider a typical fever is 101.5. 99.4 falls well within the acceptable range. Most persons range in age from 97 to 99. Later in the day and into the evening, people frequently have a little bit higher temperatures. This is the main reason why persons with fevers in the evening frequently experience fever flare-ups. I already told you that the patient will be patient. The president, the patient —


He wasn’t feeling as good yesterday because he was fatigued. By the way, it feels a lot better today. I also suppose that many of you had a cold at some point in your lives if you’ve ever experienced a viral condition. Some of you may have had the flu, and many of you have COVID. Have you ever taken Tylenol when you weren’t feeling well at all? That improves your mood. So, early in the evening, Dr. O’Connor gave him some Tylenol, although he just noticed that his temperature was 99.4 at the time. The president had not reached that temperature in the previous 24 hours or since it was discovered that he was afflicted. He therefore acknowledged that as a component of his therapies.


The message was written by Dr O’Connor and said, “His symptoms have improved. He did mount a temperature yesterday evening to 99.4°F, which responded favourably to acetaminophen (TYLENOL). His temperature has remained normal since then.”