Finally, DOJ ACCEPTS that Trump was right to believe that documents that were rightfully his were stolen.

A heavily redacted affidavit that was used to support the raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence was ultimately made public by the FBI and Joe Biden after considerable consideration.

The affidavit was supposed to demonstrate to President Trump that he had not been found guilty of violating the laws governing presidential records and classified documents, but the DOJ refused to unseal it because doing so might reveal agents’ tactics and identities. A federal judge eventually ordered the DOJ to do so.


According to what we’ve read, top-secret or classified documents may be kept in boxes of things from Trump’s White House that are kept at his residence. “This document requests authority to search the “45 Office” and all storage rooms, as well as any other rooms or locations where boxes or records may be held within the PREMISES,” the FBI agent wrote in the statement.


The FBI has long had the view that Trump may be acting improperly. The FBI monitored Trump before to the 2016 presidential election because they believed he may be acting improperly.


The FBI spied on Trump after the election because they thought he had ties to Russia and may be talking to Putin about sensitive material.


The FBI still thinks Trump may be in communication with Russia now that he’s left office.


The FBI, in trying to confiscate Trump’s documents, took some that they shouldn’t have. And Trump called them out.


According to the Presidential Records Act, the political hacks and thugs had no authority to raid Mar-a-Lago and grab whatever they could find, including passports and sensitive documents, he said in a post on Truth Social.


According to the Conservative Brief, the DOJ “has recognized that some of the materials they stole from the former president’s residence properly belong to him.”


U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon asked the Department of Justice to submit “a more detailed Receipt for Property specifying all property seized” under seal and said she wanted to know “the status of Defendant’s review of the seized property, including any filter review conducted by the privilege review team and and.” Cannon is considering appointing a special master to examine the documents taken from Trump’s private residence.