GOP Senators Unveil Biden’s Sponsorship by Communist China Evidence

Republican senators Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassley said they have evidence showing that Hunter Biden got $100,000 in campaign contributions from a company with ties to the Chinese government.

This discovery is timely as Republican senators pick up their inquiry into Hunter Biden’s international connections and financial ties to Russia. Republican senator from Iowa Chuck Grassley received a $100,000 donation from CEFC, an energy business owned by the Chinese government. In August 2017, Grassley provided two images attesting to this payment.

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Owasco, a corporation owned by Hunter Biden’s father, was the recipient of the wire transfers, according to the records.


Sen. Ron Johnson, who was speaking on the Senate floor next to Hunter Biden’s financial documents, said the new papers “add to the evidence” that Hunter Biden “used his father’s position and name to enrich himself and his family” on Monday.

I demonstrated on the Senate floor that Hunter Biden, James Biden, and Sen. Johnson have financial ties to the Chinese government. I’ll inform you as soon as I have something to say.