The New York Post reports that the daughter of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is now a worker for Facebook.

A further $50,000 was “donated” to the New York Democrat by the high management of the social media company’s employees.

Alison Schumer, the eldest of the senator’s two daughters, is said to earn around $160,000 annually as a manager of Facebook product marketing.

Susan Del Percio, a political consultant, reportedly told the Post:

It certainly seems bizarre. For years, a sector of the economy that actively builds relationships with senators and house members has battled against onerous government regulation.

According to a New York Times report from last week, Democratic Senator Mark Warner was persuaded to halt his probe into Facebook by Schumer.

After the 2016 presidential election, Facebook started using a new algorithm that stifled the reach of websites that supported conservative viewpoints by 90% or more.


Just last week, Justin Goodman, a spokesman for Schumer, recited Facebook’s official line:


“Sen. Schumer has actively pushed Facebook to do more to eliminate false accounts and bots used by the right wing and Russians to sustain a disinformation campaign and meddle in our elections,” said one observer.


Despite the fact that Russian trolls exploited Facebook to influence the 2016 election and in the wake of congressional hearings that exposed Facebook’s method of gathering and selling user data, Schumer’s support for the social media giant is unwavering.


Given the severe electoral disadvantage Facebook gives conservatives and Republicans, it’s difficult to rule out the possibility that Schumer was able to rally Democratic support around safeguarding the social media platform.


It seems like Facebook made good financial decisions. At a time when Republicans in Congress are looking into ways to rein in the company’s practice of blocking conservative viewpoints, Schumer has emerged as possibly Facebook’s biggest legislative backer.

The same justifications are used by Facebook to justify their censoring of conservatives. You must be a fake, a machine, or a Russian troll if you identify as a conservative.


Hopefully, the Post’s disclosures will undermine Schumer’s power and compel lawmakers to act.


If they don’t, President Trump probably will.


The aforementioned post has obviously been deleted because Twitter has forbidden the current American President from using its “platform.”