As a result of President Trump, some Republicans are really standing up and becoming aggressive.

After being overrun by 2,000,000+ “migrants” this year, several areas of the US are sick of having their sovereignty usurped by an arrogant and incompetent federal administration.

Red states are presently retaliating and fighting fire with fire while immigrants have been used as weapons against red states.

The Gateway Pundit’s founder, Jim Hoft, reported:

Border officials came to meet Border Czar Kamala Harris today because she refuses to go to the border.

On Thursday morning, two buses carrying more than 100 illegal immigrants were dropped off outside Kamala Harris’ home in Washington, DC.

Last year, almost 2 million illegal immigrants, including migrants, crossed the US open border.

8,000 illegal immigrants currently cross the porous border into the US each day!


Over the weekend, Kamala told reporters, “The border is secure.”

These people simply can’t stop lying.

Today, Governor Abbott of Texas gave Kamala a reality check.

As Maria Bartiromo observed in the video below, the government eventually bears the cost of providing these two million invaders with food, healthcare, shelter, education, transportation, etc.

Elite Democrats and Republicans support this!

Will fake news report on this then?