Inflation increasing the cost of dating?

The dating struggle is getting real. As more people turn to online apps to connect, inflation is putting the squeeze on singles’ wallets. How much does dating really cost? Is inflation making dating too expensive? New surveys weigh in.

Inflation has taken a heavy toll on individuals’ finances. According to Bloomberg, full-service restaurant costs increased 7.6 percent. Due to rising food prices, singles would have to make greater sacrifices in 2022.  “Two out of three say that cost is an important factor when deciding what to do on a date,” Logan Ury, director of relationship science at dating site Hinge.

According to a survey of 1,578 U.S. customers, whereas dating women spend an average of $81 at most, dating males spend an average of $104 at most. According to a poll, 83% of singles want to spend less than $50 on a first or second date.

41 percent of Hinge’s 3,000 survey respondents say dating is more expensive now than it was last year. Gen Zers are feeling the pinch the most.

Would more money make dating easier? 77% of daters said yes, according to a new study.

According to reports, “a lack of money directly impacts some, as nearly one-fifth (19%) of those who are dating say they are going on fewer dates as a result of inflation.” Another 14% are attempting to spend less money on dates. Millennials (22%) are the most likely to accumulate debt as a result of their dating spending habits. Furthermore, 6% of Americans have had their credit card denied on a first date.”

Tips to saving money while on dates:

Your main goal should be to capture their heart: “The focus should be on the other person, not on how much money you spend,” Ury says. Less is more when it comes to design. To maintain the focus on building a real connection, get to know each other at a relaxed restaurant.

Avoid taking alcohol: Almost one-third of Hinge users prefer sober dates because they are less expensive.

Consider free dates:Take a walk at the beach or in the park. Attend a meetup or a free public event. After a few meets, prepare a supper at home.