Join the Millions of Patriots Who Are Signing the Petition to Remove Nancy Pelosi from Office and Stop Insider Trading in Congress

Kevin Freeman, host of Economic War Room on BlazeTV, has been denouncing Nancy Pelosi around the nation for protecting corrupt insider trading by legislators. More than 1,450,000 emails have already been sent to Congress!

In accordance with the petition’s assertion:


Nancy Pelosi has accumulated a wealth worth more than $100 million while receiving a government salary. HOW?! How can Hillary and other elected politicians earn multimillion dollar incomes when they assert to serve “us” in Congress?

The “Pelosi Perks,” which represent startling corruption, are devoured by both Democrats and Republicans.

Politicians in Washington give themselves huge salaries, pensions, and perks. To make matters worse, they are also making MILLIONS on Wall Street by engaging in insider trading. Nancy Pelosi and her husband really earned more than $30 million by investing in internet stocks. She then started opposing efforts to regulate Big Tech once they bought their shares. It makes sense why, too, given that she hurts us and makes money while protecting them.

Too long have our elected officials enriched themselves at our expense!

In less than a minute, anybody in America may send an email to all 535 members of Congress begging them to cease the DC greed.

Anyone in America has the ability to send an email in under a minute to all 535 members of Congress telling them to halt the DC greed. The corrupt governing class has allowed this to go on for far too long. It’s time to turn up the heat!


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