After a shocking breakup with the 47-year-old, Camila Morrone was seen moving into a new residence in posh Malibu.

He is reportedly romantically related to Ukrainian model Maria Maria beregova, 22, who is wearing a low-cut white tank top and trousers. Just a few days after it was reported that the actor and his girlfriend Camila Morrone had broken up, Maria Beregova was photographed buying lingerie in London.

 The two broke up just after her 25th birthday, and on the day of her move-in, friends helped her unpack. The celebrity was photographed touring the same residence earlier this week.

Leonardo DiCaprio & Camila Morrone Have Reportedly Broken Up 2 Months After Her 25th Birthday

Leonardo and Beregova were pictured together partying in July while he was visiting Saint-Tropez. After divorcing her spouse Abdelhafid, 30, newsspill discovered that beregova  have returned to using her maiden name.


Abdelhafid, her ex-husband, is the grandson of an interior minister and a devoted aide to the murderous ruler Gaddafi. He has a property and fashion business in Monaco.


Massoud Abdelhafid was referred to be Gaddafi’s “right hand man” and “walking encyclopedia” by the media. Massoud Senior fled to Cairo when Gaddafi was toppled and executed, where he is said to have passed away in 2015.

Leonardo DiCaprio's ex Camila Morrone, 25, moves into new Malibu apartment after shock breakup - Computer Network Topology

Maria follows the actor on Instagram, but he does not reciprocate.


The actor’s ex-girlfriends, none of whom are known to have dated him above the age of 25, suddenly appear to include Camila.

It appears to support Leo’s tendency to avoid openly dating women older than 25.


According to insiders close to DiCaprio, he and Morrone have recently become less close.


According to a source, “Leo and Camila ended their relationship during the summer.” They are not hostile toward one another. It just naturally came to an end.



The 12-year-old Camila was initially introduced to the Revenant star in 2008, making them 22 years apart in age.


The introductions were made by his old friend Al Pacino, who had dated Camila’s mother Lucila Solá for many years, and Leonardo continued to be friends with the family.


Leonardo split from model Nina Agdal only days before the Cannes Film Festival, and they began dating in earnest sometime in 2017. The two made their connection more public the following year when they went to Ellen DeGeneres’ birthday celebration together. Later that year, they were spotted getting close at Coachella.


An unnamed insider claimed to People later that year that the pair were “extremely in love and serious” and had “talked about getting engaged,” indicating that the relationship had become more serious.

Leo, according to the insider, had “never loved a female like this,” and he was even thinking about starting a family with his new love.


Leo’s resolve to keep his romance private was put to the test in 2019 when both he and Camila had movies that had their world premieres at Cannes.

The couple was seen showing love throughout 2022 and was said to have a close relationship. Even though Camila had fostered the dogs, DiCaprio was spotted walking them alone, indicating that he thought of himself as their father in the same way as she did.


Al Pacino, who Camila regards to be her stepfather despite his divorce from her mother, and the Wolf of Wall Street actor were seen on a beach trip in June. Although they were not captured in a photo at the time, it looked like the two were out together on July 3 at a beach in Malibu.


The actor’s ex-girlfriends, none of whom are known to have dated him above the age of 25, suddenly appear to include Camila.