Nancy Pelosi “DEMANDS” That She Go To Prison For Her Crimes, Says Lt. Col. Allen West

‘Pelosi just committed a felony and a misdemeanor,’ says Lt. Col. Allen West, in reference to her ‘instruction’ to illegal immigrants on how to dodge ICE officials.


Democrats have made a special effort to thwart President Donald Trump’s efforts to tighten border security along the US-Mexico border and enforce all relevant immigration laws at the state and federal levels.

Democratic state governors and mayors have increased their resistance to so-called “sanctuary” laws, which forbid local police from assisting federal immigration officers. In California, these laws even go so far as to offer free healthcare to illegal immigrants.


However, Democratic leaders in Washington have refused to collaborate with President Donald Trump and Republicans in the same manner that they collaborated with Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama in implementing comprehensive border security measures during the early 2000s. One Democrat, Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), who is of Palestinian descent, is now publicly proposing that her party embrace an “open borders” policy that decriminalizes illegal border crossings. Tlaib is not alone in her support for this policy.

The president has not let any of this deter him from pushing forward with the people’s demand for border security and immigration enforcement, as evidenced by the administration’s announcement this week that internal operations to locate and deport aliens who have been ordered out of the country by a court will begin sometime this weekend.


In order to do this, several Democrats, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who is third in line to become president, gave “advice” on Thursday to illegal immigrants who had been the target of the operations on how to avoid being detained by ICE agents.


According to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, “a deportation warrant issued by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement is not the same as a search warrant.”

ICE officials do not have the legal authority to enter a residence if that is the sole paperwork they present to a home raid,” the statement said. People may refuse to open the door and allow ICE officials inside their home if they do not have a warrant authorized by a court,” Pelosi stated.


The Speaker then went on to discuss her “know your rights” campaign for illegal immigrants, which she conducted behind closed


Just to be clear, the Speaker of the House is instructing those who are in the country illegally and have been told to leave by a legitimate federal court working in accordance with the law on how to do so while evading deportation.