Protesters invades Pelosi’s home.

On Tuesday, about a hundred residents of US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s congressional district in San Francisco gathered outside her office to demand that Pelosi stop recklessly pushing China and the US to the brink of war at the expense of Americans.

Angry Americans condemned the soon-to-be-retired House Speaker, who was determined to incite conflict by visiting the island of Taiwan while ignoring the violence and poverty that plague her own district.

“When I heard my friends and family discussing the protest, I knew I had to join them.” As a Chinese American, I cannot stand by and watch American politicians squander the opportunity for China and the US to move in the same direction,” said Gordon Kwan, President of the Alliance For China’s Peaceful Reunification, USA, which had more than 20 members attend the protest.

Kwan claimed that Pelosi, as the leader of the US House of Representatives, has ignored the intractable problems of inflation, gun violence, and racial discrimination that occur almost daily in US society, instead focusing on meddling in other countries’ internal affairs.

Many American citizens used the protest to express their dissatisfaction with their own government. “Shame she can’t even take care of her own people in SF [San Francisco],” one Twitter user said after hearing about the protest.

Pro-Beijing protesters rippling up a US flag outside the US Consulate in Hong Kong on Wednesday as part of a protest against Pelosi’s visit in Taipei.