Taylor Swift could premiere the “Midnights” music video on Thursday Night Football.

Taylor Swift’s Internet erupted weeks ago with rumors that she might perform at the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Now, Swifties are buzzing about a “exclusive premiere” (possibly a video?) scheduled for Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime the following week. This will be the night before Swift releases her new album, “Midnights,” on October 21.

Charissa Thompson of TNF didn’t bother with subtlety Thursday night when she teased an exclusive and “very, very spectacular” debut planned for the Saints-Cardinals telecast on Oct. 20 by dropping more Taylor Swift allusions than a millennial mom’s Instagram.

Possibly the most eagerly awaited album of Swift’s career, “Midnights” has had fans searching for clues from the artist herself for weeks about the album’s track listing, cover art, and, perhaps most importantly, who will regret ever crossing her after they find themselves in a masterfully crafted metaphor or bridge that is so good it is re-released as a short film a decade later.

Fans quickly learned about Thompson’s cryptic-adjacent remark, even if most Swifties probably weren’t looking for “Midnights” news in a football game on Amazon Prime:

“…it might be time to break out the cardigans and red scarf. For the Bears, they need to calm down and get things turned around so the clock doesn’t strike midnight on their season. And if that sounds like I’m intentionally making more than my fair share of references to arguably the most famous musical artist in the world right now, well, you know what? You know it all too well, and you might just want to check out Thursday Night Football on Prime Video next week as the Saints travel to Arizona for an exclusive premiere of something very, very special.”


Is it a music video? A live performance? ANOTHER SHORT FILM?

Your guess is as good as ours. But it’s safe to say Amazon’s new and less-than-spectacular broadcast is set to get its highest ratings of the season, all thanks to Tay.