Trevor Noah Exiting from the Daily Show.

Comedy Central revealed  on October 12, that Trevor Noah will be leaving The Daily Show on December 8.

Less than two weeks have passed since comedian Trevor Noah, who has been hosting the late-night political program since September 2015, announced his intention to leave the desk.

The Daily Show memories from Noah’s years as host will be featured in a “celebratory look back at his best moments”  starting on December 5, the network revealed.

“Noah has moved The Daily Show seamlessly from insightful, hilarious satire to serious, provocative conversations, meeting society’s moments of unrest and uncertainty with clarity and conviction,The network declared in a statement  “Whether it was tackling presidential campaigns, police violence and systemic racism or navigating a global pandemic, he has entertained and enlightened audiences through his unique voice and perspective.”

The Daily Show will return on air on January 17 after a short break, however no replacement for Noah has been revealed.