Trump is jubilant as Biden is ordered to construct the wall!

Tragically, Joe Biden is now licking his wounds after mocking President Trump’s approach to enhancing border security.

Joe Biden criticized Trump for trying to build the border wall on numerous occasions; nevertheless, I believe he has to admit that Trump was correct because he recently announced new plans to build the wall, or perhaps only a little portion of it. You question why.


President Joe Biden’s approval rating and the fact that this is essentially a fruitless attempt to appease uneasy voters who are drowning in illegal immigrants.


The liberal movement is not pleased with Biden’s decision to complete a Trump-era initiative. Their primary complaint is that Friendship Park in California has been shut down.


“The idea would replace the current fences in Friendship Park with two 30-foot walls. During the Trump administration, the park’s style barriers started to be added, but they will be extended farther.


The proposed construction would effectively permanently close the U.S. side of this historic site, despite the fact that the U.S. Border Patrol claims they are only “replacing walls” at Friendship Park, according to John Fanestil, the convener of the Friends of Friendship Park coalition based in San Diego.


The president and the project his administration allowed were condemned by John Fanestil as well: “Joe Biden should not be completing Donald Trump’s border wall in Friendship Park.”


The most recent plans exclude a pedestrian entrance on the secondary wall, suggesting that while individuals on the Mexican side can visit the park, those looking to link up with those on the U.S. side of the border on the south will no longer be able to do so.


It’s interesting how the most severely impacted red states, like Texas, receive nothing. With this decision, Joe Biden seeks to appease just the left community and its supporters.


Once more, multiple Texas counties made a border “invasion” public on Tuesday in an effort to compel the governor of the state to issue a comparable decision.


Tully Shahan, the Kinney County Judge, spoke at a press conference in Brackettville, Texas. “They are encroaching on us. The evidence is there. This is actual. America needs to understand that this is true. America is unaware of what is happening.


The proclamation may not even be legal and gives the counties no special legal standing, but officials thought it would raise awareness of the border crisis.